In conjunction with the establishment of MVVSS, the Corporate Sustainability Vision has been clarified to aim to increase corporate value over the long term with an emphasis on relations with a variety of stakeholders.
Based on this concept, the priority issues (materialities) to be addressed by Maxell had been newly defined in 2021.
Furthermore, in 2022, KPIs were formulated in order to ensure that each materiality action plan will be surely implemented.
In the future, we will work to resolve these priority issues through specific activities.

7 Priority Issues (Materialities) and Action Plans

Sustainability Activity history

 July  2020  Establishment of MVVSS  We will work to create unique solutions to social issues for Maxell Group under new management vision "Create Maximum Excellence for employees, customers and society by leveraging unique Analog Core Technologies."

 August 2020  Formulation of Sustainability Vision  We have clarified long-term improvement of corporate value and continuous creation of social, environmental, and economic value with an emphasis on relationships with diverse stakeholders.

 August 2021  Materiality Identification  In order to realize our Vision, we have identified priority issues that Maxell should focus on.

 August 2022  Identification of Materiality KPIs  We have formulated KPIs to ensure that action plans for Maxell's priority issues will be surely implemented.

Materiality Analysis Process

step Materiality Analysis Process

7 Priority Issues (Materialities) and Action Plans

Creating innovation through unique, original technologies KPI
Solving social issues through growth businesses SDGs
Creating human resources and organizations that generate value
Maximization of customer value
Creation of economic value through environmental activities
Strengthen business portfolio management
Strengthen group governance

The Path to Realizing Our Vision By Integrated Report 2023

Applying "priority issues of management"(materialities) to action plans, and entering the implementation phase