Contribution to the SDGs through CSV Business Management and CSR Activities

In addition to the overriding goals of the management vision, CSV (creating shared value) is a key tenet of the Maxell Group. We will realize cocreation and co-prosperity and sustain corporate growth by placing efforts to address social issues at the center of our business activities. The majority of our businesses in the three key growth areas originate from social issues. Viewing social issues from a market perspective, our businesses use proprietary technologies to provide quality products that are unique. Thus, these businesses themselves are CSV.
If, on the one hand, business management that is focused on CSV represents the initiatives of the Group to address social issues by using its core competence, then CSR (corporate social responsibility) activities, on the other, are efforts to take responsibility for the Group's impact on the environment and society. To continue earning society's trust and understanding, we advance CSR activities based on the Maxell Group Corporate Credo, which clarifies our mission and duties, and the Maxell Group CSR Policy, which sets out concrete courses of action. Specifically, we have set a long-term CO2 reduction target for fiscal year 2030 as part of our responsibility as a company to contribute to environmental activities that help to realize a low carbon society and achieve other goals. Our employees are aware that they are promoting fundamental and important activities that will lead to sustainable human growth, and will work toward achieving the targets while carrying the philosophy of the Group with them.
In my view, as well as the need for sustainable growth to coexist with society, companies also require various management resources that reflect society's diversifying values. Mindful that efforts toward diversity begin with creating work environments that empower human resources with differing values, sensibilities, and experience, we are taking measures in this regard to increase our organization's problem-solving capabilities, creativity, and flexibility. For example, Project M-Wing has been leading efforts to advance diversity Groupwide by establishing a website that promotes diversity, conducting e-learning programs, and examining construction of systems to facilitate work?life balance.
Further, through business management focused on CSV and by meeting corporate social responsibilities, we will help realize the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) adopted at the UN Sustainable Development Summit in September 2015.

Reinforcement of Corporate Governance

We are also reinforcing corporate governance as the foundation of our business management. These efforts include incorporating external, objective viewpoints to bolster the rationality of management decision-making as well as strengthen audit and supervisory functions. For example, we appointed an additional outside director in fiscal year 2018. As a result, outside directors now account for over one-third of the members of the Board of Directors. Further, we have heightened the motivation of directors to contribute to the enhancement of medium- to long-term business results and corporate value by introducing a performance-linked share-based remuneration system.

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