Definition of MVVSS 
Sharing management's direction with all employees

Mission Vision Value Spirit Slogan )

Mission The "Mission" Maxell must carry out

"Contribute to a sustainable society by innovating unique, original technologies"

Vision The "Future" Maxell wants to realize

"Create Maximum Excellence for employees, customers and society by leveraging unique analog core technologies"

Value The "Value" and "Strengths" Maxell commits to provide

Maxell commits to maximizing corporate value for all stakeholders through three key sources of value

  Technological Value Create new value through the sincere pursuit of originality and technological excellence

  Customer Value Respond to customer needs with safe and secure products created by Monozukuri (Manufacturing) above and beyond customer expectations

  Social Value Take on the many challenges of a changing world to create a prosperous and sustainable society

Spirit The "Spirit" Maxell must cherish

 - Corporate Creed - 
"Harmony and cooperation, working with heart and soul, and contributing to society"

Slogan The "Shared Slogan" of Maxell group

 - Brand Slogan - 
"Within, the Future"
- The future is within -