Increasing Product Quality and Reliability

Quality Policy

  1. 1.Aim to achieve the world's highest quality to meet global competition
  2. 2.Provide customers with the highest quality products and services

Basic Philosophy

Maxell's basic philosophy is to further enhance the founding spirit of "harmony and cooperation, working with heart and soul, and contribute to society," and to take pride in being a member of Maxell and contributing to society through the development of superior original technologies and products.
At the same time, we deeply recognize that companies are members of society, and we will strive to realize a truly prosperous society as a responsible citizen through fair and transparent corporate behavior, harmony with the environment, and active social contribution activities.

Quality Management System Standard

The audit receiving process for quality management system standard of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO9001) was changed to a company-wide integrated audit in fiscal 2014, and the certification was renewed in fiscal 2021.
Going forward, we will continue to develop quality control initiatives together with the companies that have joined the Group.
In addition, we will thoroughly manage product quality in accordance with the automotive quality management system standard (ISO/IATF16949), which requires a more sophisticated quality control system, and the medical device quality management system standard (ISO13485).

Status of Quality Management System Standards Acquisitions (As of April 2023)
NameAcquisition Division
ISO9001 Domestic Maxell (Energy Division, Functional Materials Division, Optics & Systems Division) / Maxell Frontier Co., Ltd. / Ube Maxell Kyoto Co., Ltd. / Maxell Izumi Co., Ltd. / Maxell Kureha Co., Ltd.
Overseas Wuxi Maxell Energy Co., Ltd./Maxell Europe Ltd. Telford Plant/Maxell Tohshin (Malaysia) Sdn.Bhd./Maxell Digital Products China Co., Ltd./PT. SLIONTEC EKADHARMA INDONESIA/GANGQUAN PRECISION (SHENZHEN) CO., LTD.
IATF16949 Maxell Ono Works / Maxell Yokohama Works (automotive lens design division) / Maxell Frontier Gifu Works / Maxell Digital Products China Co., Ltd. / Maxell Tohshin (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
ISO13485 Maxell Izumi Co., Ltd. Kyushu Works

Voluntary Action Plan for Product Safety

In accordance with the voluntary guidelines announced by the government as actions that companies should take themselves to ensure product safety, Maxell will work to ensure product safety as follows.

  1. 1.Compliance with Laws and Regulations
  2. 2.Provision of safe products
  3. 3.Appropriate Provision of Information on Product-related Accidents, etc.
  4. 4.Thorough implementation of relevant laws and regulations, etc.
  5. 5.Monitoring through self-audits, etc.

Advancing Quality Management

SQM* Activity based on the "Voluntary Action Plan for Product Safety"

Maxell Group delivers products and services of a quality that satisfies customers by continually strengthening quality management based on the SQM* Activity, which is set out in the Product Safety Voluntary Action Plan. We are promoting activities to verify the certainty of the process, which is the basis of manufacturing, from the perspectives of "occurrence" and "leakage." In addition, the Company regularly holds review meetings(Ochibo-Hiroi) to prevent product accidents at domestic and overseas plants, presenting quality accidents, complaints, and notable examples of quality improvement, and exchanging opinions to help foster expertise and raise awareness of quality control. In addition, as part of our educational activities, we will give young and mid-level employees practical courses focusing on human error behavior at the workplace.
 * SQM: Super Quality Management for Maxell Group

Toward Customer Satisfaction improvement

Initiatives of the Maxell Product Customer Service Center, which sincerely addresses the true voices of customers

At the Maxell Product Customer Service Center, the person in charge of the counter is a dedicated operator who is knowledgeable about the products and provides feedback for all categories The collected voices are used to further enhance CS, improve products, and even provide input for new product development. In addition, as our products become more complex and diverse, we will continue to adhere to our policy of "kindness, courtesy and speed" and work tirelessly to improve our response skills and systems.