Yoshiharu Katsuta

Thank you very much for visiting Maxell website.

On October 1, 2017, Maxell transitioned to a holding company structure. In addition to enhancing our autonomous management and taking the first step toward another stage of strong growth, this will accelerate business growth by strengthening Group management and speeding up business execution.

Our Management Vision, "Supporting Smart Life, Peace of Mind & Cheer around People" represents our aim to closely align our operations with people's daily lives, meet diverse niche needs, and resonate with people through peace of mind and cheer, security and comfort, and new value added. To realize this vision, we are actively investing in three key growth areas where we can fully leverage our core competence: Automotive, Home Life & Infrastructure, and Health & Beauty Care. We aim to build a business portfolio resilient even amid tumultuous operating environments by expanding each competitive business, product, and service (no matter how small in scale originally) in each area and creating a solid base.

Another issue of critical importance is whipping up enthusiasm for the newly reborn Maxell around the world and rebuilding into a brand that people relate to. We will devote our energy to meeting diverse needs with an eye toward the future and resonating with stakeholders through new value added.

Under its new structure, Maxell will take on various social issues, improve corporate value and take on greater social responsibility. I would like to ask all the stakeholders for their continued support going forward.

October 2017

Yoshiharu Katsuta

President and Representative Director