Stakeholder Engagement
Harmony and cooperation, working with heart and soul, and contributing to society.

Guided by the spirit expressed in this creed, Maxell Group benefits society by developing outstanding proprietary technologies and products. In addition, we take measures to build favorable relationships with many different stakeholders.

Dialogue with Stakeholders

Maxell Group engages in ongoing dialogue with stakeholders with the goal of reflecting their input regarding social and environmental activities into future efforts.
These proactive engagements enable us to maintain an understanding of the topics of interest to stakeholders as well as the impact of our corporate activities on stakeholders, thereby allowing us to provide services and advance CSR activities matched to their needs.

Major Opportunities for Communication with Stakeholders

Major Opportunities for Communication with Stakeholders

* VE: Value Engineering: A systematic method of improving value based on analysis of the relationship between the function and cost of a product or service.