Yoshiharu Katsuta

Thank you very much for visiting Maxell website.

Maxell Group has been delivering various excitements and impressions to lives of people through the differentiated, unique products by honing our analog core technologies since its start of business in 1961.
We have "Supporting Smart Life, Peace of Mind & Cheer around People" as our management vision. And to realize the vision, we have set "Automotive", "Home Life & Infrastructure" and "Health & Beauty Care" as the 3 key growth areas where we can fully utilize our core competence. We are allocating our management resources to the areas intensively and doing business globally with high-performance and high-quality products.

And Maxell Group's new medium-term management plan MG20R (Maxell Growth 20R) which accelerates business growth through enhancement of group management and expedited execution of business operations, is now under way. By expanding competitive business, products and services' and growing them as a thick trunk, we are targeting to establish strong business portfolio even under rapidly changing business environment. To keep providing high values to all the stakeholders by sustainable growth within the period of MG20R, and for medium- to long-term, that is the ideal figure the Company is aiming for.

Always looking at the future one step beyond, Maxell will do the best to reflect various needs and to deliver excitements and impressions by creating new values to all the stakeholders.
And by setting "to solve social issues through business activities" as our fundamental policy and facing various social issues, we are making greater contribution to society.

We would like to ask all the stakeholders for their continued support going forward.

June 2019

Yoshiharu Katsuta
President and Representative Director
Maxell Holdings, Ltd.