Yoshiharu Katsuta

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As of October 1, 2017, Maxell Group has transitioned to a holding company structure. We view this change as "second foundation" of the Company and took the first step for making new leap by leveraging autonomous business management.
In April 2018, we started new Mid-Term Plan MG20 (Maxell Growth 20) targeting acceleration of business growth by strengthening group management and speedy execution of business operation.
Newly reborn Maxell Group has set out on an entirely different growth stage. By medium- to long-term sustainable growth, we aim to provide higher values to all the stakeholders.

Also, to realize our management vision, "Supporting Smart Life, Peace of Mind & Cheer around People", we established new strategy "Maxell Business Platform (MBP)" for business growth by expanding product areas.
MBP is the framework to generate stronger business entity by sharing management resources between the companies who have same management visions and business concepts, and the platform to establish group of companies aiming for "Co-Prosperity and Co-Creation".
With participation of many companies in MBP, in addition to organic growth, we launch new technologies, products and businesses, and target expansion of business and establishment of business portfolio with high potential of growth.

By promoting MBP, we make our best effort to bring people "Peace of Mind & Cheer" and "Relief & Comfort" by creating new added values and solutions, and by developing businesses that closely reflect people's various and niche needs.

Under the new structure, we target enhancement of corporate value facing various social issues and greater contribution to society. I would like to ask all the stakeholders for their continued support going forward.

October 2018

Yoshiharu Katsuta
President and Representative Director
Maxell Holdings, Ltd.