Brand & Our Activities


- The future is within -

At Maxell, we love to make people smile.
Synergizing our unique analog technology with the latest digital,
and connecting with people through our products
we have excited and impressed so many in countless ways.

And by leveraging our powers,
we aim to contribute to a sustainable society
by innovating unique, original technologies.

Maxell will continue to create “Maximum Excellence”
with bold approaches that create synergy across our fields.

Because within us lies the power to transform the future,
bringing more freedom to enrich the lives of everyone.


About Brand Slogan


We have set up "Within, the Future" as our bland slogan and included it in our corporate logo as tag line, which represents the thought that we are always with people. The small triangle following "Within" is named "The Growing Triangle" and the shaping itself rising to the right is imaged "the future" and "sustainable growth".

Corporate Color

Maxell Red

We have chosen a new color, "New Maxell Red" as our corporate color which represents vitality towards the future.
Specified Color:PANTONE 186C
RGB 200 16 46 / HEX C8102E

"The Story of Maxell: Transformation and its DNA"

"A piece of the future, in this hand."
- Maxell Corporate Movie

Our Activities

Maxell AQUA PARK Shinagawa
Maxell AQUA PARK Shinagawa

In December 2017, Maxell acquired the naming rights of Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa, an indoor theme park located in the Shinagawa Prince Hotel and an urban aquarium.We will continue to promote business realize synergy effect branding activities while leveraging the strengths of both companies.

Kyoto Sanga F.C. |  AD course
Kyoto Sanga F.C. | AD course

Maxell sponsors the Kyoto Sanga F.C. Operation Exercise Skills Acquisition Class Athletic Development Course (commonly known as AD Course), a soccer J-League member, as a branding activity that supports coexistence with the community and the education of the next generation.

fmosaka Maxell meets College Knowledge
Maxell meets College Knowledge

Maxell supports "Maxell meets College Knowledge", which introduces university students' initiatives that will lead to the future.This is a radio program in which students from different universities(colleges) learn about sustainable activities (knowledge) each month.

Movie "Town without sea"
-Special Sponsorship-

Maxell supports the movie "Town without sea" (Director by Ikeda Eliza) set up in Tagawa City, Fukuoka, which is closely tied to the Kyushu Plant. This is a youth movie full of beautiful scenery of Tagawa, once a coal mining town, and young talents of the next generation, who are brimming with fresh luck.

da Vinci Masters
da Vinci Masters

Maxell participates in the Davinche Masters, which fosters the next generation of children through programs that enhance "survival" and "autonomy" and "play" becomes "learning". Based on Maxell's versatile business, we have held real/on-line classes on a variety of topics each time.

Maxell Visiting Lecture
Maxell Visiting Lecture

Through Maxell's products, we conduct on-site lessons in various places in order to deepen our understanding of chemical interests, contributing to society, and the manufacturing industry that supports Japan. In collaboration with Sotoiko, an innovation in academic research, we held classes on Automotive related components, and in the Energy Division, we held classes on batteries.