Jun. 12, 2024
From Wednesday,26th Jun to Thursday,27th 2024,Maxell will exhibit at the "Houston Build Expo" (Venue:Houston,USA,Booth No.308), to introduce Air-tight Products (M.A.P.system).
Jun. 10, 2024
From Tuesday,9th July to Saturday,11th 2024,Maxell will exhibit at the "SEMICON WEST" (Venue: Moscone Center,USA,Booth No.1273), to introduce tapes for semiconductor manufacturing process and electroforming (EF2: Electro-Fine-Forming) technology .
Apr. 16, 2024
Development of a new injection foam molding technology that selectively foams the rib portion to achieve lightweighting and strength improvement of resin components
Exhibiting in CHINAPLAS 2024 -the Asia's largest and most influential connectivity event
https://www.chinaplasonline.com/ Shanghai,China (April 23-26)
Maxell Digital Products China Co., Ltd. (MDCN) booth (Japan Pavilion B23 in Hall 1.1)


Mar. 13, 2024
From Friday,22nd March to Saturday,23rd 2024,Maxell will exhibit at the "JLC Live" (Venue:Rhode Island,USA,Booth No.U842), to introduce Air-tight Products (M.A.P.system).
Mar. 08, 2024
From Saturday,9th March to Sunday,10th Sunday 2024,Maxell will exhibit at the "IIBEC International Convention & Trade Show" (Venue:Phoenix,USA,Booth No.438), to introduce Air-tight Products (M.A.P.system).
Feb. 20, 2024
Exhibiting high-frequency functional sheets developed in the"Development of Terahertz band coherent transceivers using micro-actuators"project adopted by NICT towards"Beyond 5G/6G"
https://www.mwcbarcelona.com/ Spain (2/26-29)
https://mandmcolor.com/mwc2024japanpavilion/ Japan Pavilion (Hall6, 6E54)
Feb. 20, 2024
From Tuesday,27th February to Thursday,29th February 2024,Maxell will exhibit at the "IBS2024" (Venue:Las Vegas,USA,Booth No.SU1857), to introduce Air-tight Products (M.A.P.system).
Feb. 06, 2024
From Tuesday, 13th February to Wednesday, 14th February 2024,Maxell will exhibit at the "New York Build 2024" (Venue: Javits Center, New York, USA, Hall No.3B/Booth No.1175), to introduce Air-tight Products (M.A.P.system).
Jan. 18, 2024
From Thursday,1st February to Saturday,3rd February 2024,Maxell will exhibit at the " Bharat Mobility GLOBAL EXPO 2024" (Venue:Pragati Maidan,New Delhi,India,Hall No.11/Booth No.37), to introduce Heat Resistant Coin Type Lithium Manganese Dioxide Battery,Coin Type Lithium Manganese Dioxide Battery,Automotive tapes, Automotive Camera Lens Unit.
Aug. 25, 2023
From Wednesday, 6th September to Friday, 8th September 2023,Maxell will exhibit at the "SEMICON Taiwan 2023" (Venue:TaiNEX,Taipei,Taiwan), to introduce Dicing Tape,Back grinding Tape,Stencil,etc.

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