Analog Core Technologies

Analog Core Technologies

Analog Core Technologies

The core of Maxell, the element without which we cannot be who we are,
is our Analog Core Technologies. Human senses such as seeing, hearing,
and touching traverse the border between digital and analog, and lie beyond it. We believe that the analog world has the ability to stimulate these senses and express them without limit.

Analog Core Technologies connect the analog to the digital, and play an indispensable role in realizing Monozukuri manufacturing in complex and delicate fields that cannot be achieved by digital technology alone.

"Mixing & Dispersion" for uniform mixing regardless of material size, hardness, and viscosity of liquids, "Fine Coating" for coating paints and adhesives of all viscosities onto wide area with uniform thicknesses, and "High Precision Molding & Forming", precision mold manufacturing technologies and molding techniques cultivated through manufacturing of cassette shells, optical discs, and lenses. We will use these to create unique functions with high quality and provide completely new products and services.

Maxell will continue to evolve Analog Core Technologies as the core of
its business and create Maximum Excellence for comfortable lifestyles for employees, customers and society.

For your "The future is within", Maxell.

Mixing & Dispersion

Technology for mixing materials uniformly, regardless of their size,hardness, and viscosity. In addition to uniform mixing and dispersion, includes technologies to make materials into a suitable state for coating.

Fine Coating

Technology for coating paints and adhesives onto wide areas with uniform thickness, regardless of their viscosity. In addition to various coatings, includes printing and laminating technologies.

High Precision Molding & Forming

Precision die manufacturing technology and molding technology cultivated through manufacturing of cassette shells, optical discs and lenses. It includes not only injection molding and mold forming, but also technology for incorporating parts into limited space.

Maxell - Analog Core Technology
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