Management Vision and Brand Slogan

About Management Vision

Our management vision is to guide the values, all activities, which showed the most basic attitude of Maxell Holdings, Ltd. in carrying out management activities. We will make management decisions, such as formulating management strategies and management plans, and as a spiritual pillar of all executives and employees, we will make them a basic policy of various activities.

Management Vision

Supporting Smart Life, Peace of Mind & Cheer around People

Our management vision represents our aim to closely align our operations with people's daily lives, meet diverse niche needs, and resonate with people through peace of mind and cheer, security and comfort, and new value added.

About Brand Slogan

We have set up "Within, the Future" as our bland slogan and included it in our corporate logo as tag line, which represents the thought that we are always with people. The small triangle following "Within" is named "The Growing Triangle" and the shaping itself rising to the right is imaged "the future" and "sustainable growth".

Corporate Color

We have chosen a new color, "New Maxell Red" as our corporate color which represents vitality towards the future.