Maxell Group Corporate Credo

The Maxell Group hereby adopts this Corporate Credo in full awareness of its mission and duties and with a view to continued growth and development as a truly international group. The Credo applies to all members of the board, officers and employees of the Maxell Group (hereafter referred to as "We"). The "Maxell Group" means: (1) Maxell, Ltd.; (2) any company with more than 50% of its issued stock or interests with voting rights owned directly or indirectly by Maxell, Ltd.; and (3) such other companies as will from time to time be included by the Board of Director of Maxell, Ltd.

Fundamental Philosophy

The fundamental philosophy of the Maxell Group is, inheriting the founding spirit of "harmony and cooperation", "working with heart and soul", and "being of service to society", to maintain the pride as members of Maxell Group and to contribute to society through the development of outstanding and unique technologies and products, under the new corporate creed of "harmony and cooperation, working with heart and soul, and contributing to society".

At the same time, we acknowledge our responsibility as a member of society and will ensure that our conduct is fair and transparent. As a good corporate citizen, we also intend to contribute to the creation of a truly rich society by working in harmony with the environment and by engaging in corporate citizenship activities.

Guidelines and Commitments

  1. 1.We will build strong relationships of trust with various stakeholders by fostering cooperation to strengthen cohesion throughout Maxell and the rest of the Maxell groups. These efforts shall be based on respect for individual human rights and dignity, and a healthy rivalry among one another that is balanced with a spirit of harmony at all times.
  2. 2.We are strongly committed to serving customers with the utmost sincerity by developing ever more reliable technologies and products, and promoting thorough product safety as we seek to accurately identify the various needs of the international community and promptly satisfy them.
  3. 3.We aim to grow in harmony with society at the leading edge of technology and business on the global stage. This will be accomplished by conducting proprietary surveys and R&D activities that harness our pioneer spirit.
  4. 4.We will act in accordance with correct corporate ethics and comply with various laws and regulations at home and abroad in the course of business and in our private lives. These laws and regulations cover such fields as fair trade and competition, import and export transactions, intellectual property, the environment, the protection of personal information and accounting and tax rules.
  5. 5.We will strive to coexist with the Earth's natural environment as we take the initiative to serve communities, based on a strong recognition of our social responsibilities and roles as a corporate citizen.
  6. 6.We will act as a global corporation closely tied to local communities as we work to foster mutual understanding and build cordial relationships with each community. These efforts will be guided by a respect for the cultures, customs and history of various regions throughout the world.
  7. 7.We will further raise the value of the "Maxell" brand, so as to prove worthy of the public's trust in our brand.
  8. 8.Maxell Group managers will take the initiative to implement this Corporate Credo as befits their position. They will also properly manage and guide the employees in their charge to ensure the smooth execution of business operations. At the same time, they will strive to ensure the proper observance of workplace rules as they strive to build positive, safe and fulfilling workplaces that motivate and inspire their employees.


  1. 1.The Maxell Group will require all officers and employees to observe and implement this Corporate Credo wherever in the world they work.
  2. 2.The Maxell Group will establish the "Maxell Group Codes of Conduct" which shall be a guide for the implementation of this Corporate Credo by Maxell officers and employees. We will educate and encourage implementation of this Corporate Credo from an international perspective, with due respect for differences in social and political conditions, culture, language, customs, legal systems or any other relevant concerns.
  3. 3.We will periodically review this Corporate Credo, with the objective of continuous improvement. In practicing this Corporate Credo, we will identify sections within the organization with the required accountability, and/or introduce management systems that meet international norms, as deemed appropriate.
  4. 4.Should there be any conflict between content of this document and local laws, rules or regulations of the country or region where Maxell Group members work, the Group members involved shall consult with the legal counsel of their company or the department in charge of compliance with this Corporate Credo at the headquarters of Maxell, Ltd.


 June 28, 1983
 January 28, 1992
 July 1, 1996
 September 1, 1999
 April 26, 2004
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