The Maxell Group Codes of Conduct have been established as specific codes of conduct that apply to all companies of the Maxell Group. Under the leadership of top management, we will thoroughly implement the Codes of Conduct to ensure that all our business activities are conducted on the basis of corporate ethics and compliance, in accordance with "Basics and Ethics."

Chapter6 Complete Observance of Codes of Conduct

6.1 Complete Observance of Rules

  1. 1.We will strive to always provide our employees with information on the relevant laws and internal company regulations required for the conduct of business. Every section will implement employee education regarding the relevant laws and regulations. We will revise internal company regulations and inform employees when concerned laws or regulations are revised, and when the company advances into new businesses, or new nations or regions.
  2. 2.We will always observe laws and regulations and act fairly under any conditions, in accordance with these Codes of Conduct.
  3. 3.We will immediately report to or consult with our superiors or the relevant sections whenever we suspect we might be violating laws or internal company regulations, and devise the necessary corrective actions. Similarly, we will immediately report to or consult with our superiors or the relevant sections whenever we suspect that the actions of others may not be in accordance with laws or internal company regulations.
  4. 4.We will always note that rules change with the times, and act with good common sense under the principle of "Basics and Ethics."
  5. 5.We will take strict measures whenever employees act in violation of relevant laws or regulations, including disciplinary dismissal in light of the reprimand provisions of the Employment Regulations.

6.2 Implementation of Self-Audits

  1. 1.We will implement self-audits to confirm that internal company procedures are being properly executed in accordance with the relevant laws and internal company regulations.

6.3 Internal Reporting System

  1. 1.We will establish a system for employee reporting of illegal, unfair and improper acts concerning the business of the company or its Group companies. When reports are made, we will examine the facts and implement corrective measures as necessary. We will use this system for complete observance of laws and regulations, and to conduct corporate activities with a high ethical viewpoint.
  2. 2.We will not engage in any prejudicial treatment of individuals who submit reports, except in cases of bad-faith reports that are malicious slander or libel. When individuals who submit reports are involved in illegal activities, the individual concerned will not be exempted from responsibility through the provision of information, but the fact that the individual has provided information will be taken into consideration as extenuating circumstances.