The Maxell Group Codes of Conduct have been established as specific codes of conduct that apply to all companies of the Maxell Group. Under the leadership of top management, we will thoroughly implement the Codes of Conduct to ensure that all our business activities are conducted on the basis of corporate ethics and compliance, in accordance with "Basics and Ethics."

Chapter3 Relations with Society

3.1 Disclosure of Company Information

  1. 1.We will place importance on the process of dialogue with a wide range of stakeholders regarding information required by society, listen to various opinions and negative information about the company and Maxell Group companies, respond to them sincerely on our own initiative, and promote two-way communication with society.
  2. 2.We will respond sincerely to crises that occur and disclose information in a timely and appropriate manner, even when this information is negative or disadvantageous to the company.

3.2 Contribution to Local Communities

  1. 1.We will carry out social contribution activities, centered on activities to foster personnel who will lead the reforms of the next era, to realize a vibrant society by making the greatest possible use of our resources. By implementing social contribution activities, we aim to be a respected and trusted global enterprise of the 21st century.

3.3 Relations with Politics and Government Administration

  1. 1.We will establish sound relations with politics and government administration. In particular, we will observe ethical regulations concerning public servants.
  2. 2.We will not engage in any bribery of public servants (including foreign public servants and parties legally regarded as public servants), or engage in any similar activities to propose, promise or provide unfair profits. We will also refrain from any conduct that might be construed as constituting bribery or similar activities.
  3. 3.We will not engage in any activities that impair the fairness of public tenders.
  4. 4.We will make donations and join outside organizations fairly and appropriately.

3.4 Prevention of Anti-social Transactions*

  1. 1.We will have no relations whatsoever with anti-social forces such as organized crime groups, and we will never engage in anti-social transactions under any circumstances.
  2. 2.We will prevent anti-social transactions through self-inspection of our transactions.
  3. 3.We will oppose anti-social forces such as organized crime groups with firm resolve, and refuse any improper demands.

3.5 Regarding Gifts, Business Entertainment, Etc.

  1. 1.We will not ask suppliers, customers or other parties to make gifts of money or goods to employees or their families.
  2. 2.We will not present gifts of money or goods to suppliers, customers, the employees of other companies, or other parties that have or might be viewed as having a direct influence on trading relations with our company.
  3. 3.We will conduct business entertainment within the range of common practice.
  4. 4.We will respond cautiously to offers of business entertainment from suppliers and customers, and report all such offers to our superiors for consultation in advance. We will decline on the spot any offers of extravagant or high-priced entertainment that transcend the bounds of conventional wisdom.

3.6 Observance of Laws and Regulations and Respect of the Culture and Customs of Each Nation and Region

  1. 1.In our business activities in all nations and regions, we will respect the culture and customs of each nation and region, and pursue open and honest conduct in accordance with the relevant governing laws and regulations in each nation and region. We will also contribute to economic, social and environmental progress for the sustainable development of each nation and region. In nations and regions where domestic laws or their enforcement conflict with international standards of conduct, we will strive to give the greatest possible respect to international standards of conduct.
  2. 2.We will not engage in or be involved with any improper commercial transactions in any nation or region. We will also exercise due caution to avert any relations with organized crime, and observe the laws and regulations governing money laundering (the laundering of illicit funds gained from criminal activities, etc.).