CSR Procurement

In 1983, Maxell Group established Maxell Group Corporate Credo, which defined the mission and roles of the Group and specified the actions to be taken as guidelines for carrying out CSR activities systematically and continuously.
We are fully aware of our role as a member of society, and we strive to conduct our business fair and in transparent. We also aim to contribute to create a truly affluent society as a responsible citizen by respecting the environment and engaging in proactive social contribution activities.

Based on this concept, we formulated the "Maxell Group CSR Activity Policy" in April 2005, and we have integrated corporate social responsibility (CSR) into our core business values. Maxell Group's management and all employees are aware and committed to keep the sustainable development of both society and our business.
In order to activate our CSR activities, we are sure that it is necessary to share our policy of "social responsibility" with our business partners involved in our business operations and that our joint efforts will lead to the mutual prosperity of the whole supply chain.
In 2018, we have made the Maxell Group Supply Chain CSR Procurement Guideline to deepen mutual understanding to cope with some changes, raised day by day. In order to respond to these continuous changes, we revised the Guideline in 2019, based on widely recognized global standards, etc. This Guideline sets forth the attitude and standards of conduct we expect from our business partners in seven areas, including "Labor", "Health and Safety", "Environment", "Ethics", "Quality, Information Security, etc.", "Management Systems", and "Self-Assessment."
We have already asked our business partners to promote CSR activities, and we would appreciate your further understanding and cooperation in our CSR activities, mentioned above.

Requests for cooperation to our business partners

What we would like to ask our business partners is to regularly evaluate their implementation status regarding labor, safety and health, environment, ethics, quality and information security, management systems, etc. shown in the procurement guidelines and if necessary, we could provide support for it. To achieve this, we would like you to respond to regular questionnaires, issued by our Procurement SCM Headquarters. Until now, we have only targeted direct material business partners, but from 2023 onwards we will also include equipment-related business partners. The results of the evaluation will be published annually on the Maxell website.
In addition, for business partners who are regularly resulted low ranks of self-assessment evaluation, we will ask for submission of improvement plans. If you cannot respond to any improvement requests or if issues are not resolved even after a certain period, there is a possibility that we might review our business-partnership, so please strengthen your efforts within your company.

July 2023
Procurement SCM Division, Maxell, Ltd.

[Link] Maxell Group Supply Chain CSR Procurement Guidelines (July 2023, latest version)