This warranty applies only to Maxell Products you purchased for your own use and not for resale in the country or region of purchase.

1. General Terms

Type and coverage of warranty

Maxell, Ltd. (hereinafter "Maxell") warrants that each Maxell Product that you purchase is free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use during the warranty period specified on the labeling, packaging and manual of Maxell Product.

If defects in materials or manufacturing are found in a purchased Maxell product, Maxell will, at Maxell's discretion, repair or replace the product in question free of charge, or provide a refund, provided the product is still under warranty (hereinafter "Warranty Service").
The warranty period starts from the date that you purchased the Maxell product in question.

When you receive the Warranty Service, show us your warranty card stating the date of purchase. For products that do not include a warranty card, prepare a document stating the date of purchase, such as the receipt issued where you purchased the product.

Note that our Warranty Service does not cover failure, damage, malfunction, or any other defect in Maxell products resulting from any one of the following;

  1. 1.Use in conditions other than those stated in the product manual;
  2. 2.Inappropriate use, manipulation, or improper repair of the product;
  3. 3.Deterioration, wear, or any damage resulting from normal use;
  4. 4.Damage due to earthquakes, fires, or other acts of nature, along with abnormal voltages and any other external factors; or
  5. 5.Falls or impacts that occur during transportation after purchase.

There is a possibility that our repairs will result in a loss of data or programs stored in the memory device of the product. You are responsible for backing up your data in advance.

Limitation of liability

This warranty specifies all the warranties provided to you. Maxell, Maxell's affiliates, and sales outlets disclaim responsibility for any or all express or implied warranty of the product including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for specific purposes.

In no event shall Maxell, Maxell's affiliates, and sales outlets be responsible for any accidental, special, direct, or indirect damages sustained by you resulting from poor quality of the product (including, but not limited to, any lost profits and opportunities that you should have obtained, regardless of edictability).

Some countries, states, and districts do not permit the exclusion of express or implied warranty responsibility and of liability in damages. In such cases, the scope of the warranty shall be determined by the applicable laws.

How we handle replaced products or parts

Replaced products or parts through our Warranty Service shall belong to Maxell, and Maxell shall be allowed to dispose of such products or parts at its discretion.

How to use our Warranty Service

If a Maxell Product fails to function as stated in its specification during the warranty period, you can receive our Warranty Service by contacting an authorized Maxell distributor or any of Maxell's service providers listed in Article 3 (Maxell or Maxell's affiliates).

2. Articles specific to individual countries


In Australia, Maxell Products come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australia Consumer Law.

When you purchase and use Maxell Product in Australia, you have the right to replace or receive a fund for any products experiencing serious defects, as well as the right of compensation for any reasonably predictable loss or damage resulting from such defects during the warranty period.

In addition, if your Maxell products do not meet an acceptable level of quality, you have the right to the repair or replacement of the products.

USA and Canada

If you have purchased and are using Maxell Products in USA or Canada, please go to the web link referenced below for warranty in USA and Canada.

3.Service Providers


Maxell, Ltd.

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